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Mark Perry
Gresley House
Ten Pound Walk
South Yorks, DN4 5HX
United Kingdom
  07505 232073
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Introducing Mark Perry

Are you working longer hours than you want to or ever thought you would be?

Do you want to regain the vision and dream that led you to forming your own business in the first place?

What would you do to regain control of your life and spend more time with family and friends?


Many businesses are founded by entrepreneurial people who know they can make a difference in their own industry and who start out with fantastic visions and goals for where those businesses can go. Over the course of time, though, it is all too easy to lose that vision and for the startup excitement to turn into the monotony of an ordinary job. The visionary who started the company has become just another person working in their business rather than on it.


If this rings true for you or if you are just stuck as to how to move your business to its ultimate goal (whether that be growth, profitability improvement, a passive income for yourself or to maximise the potential sale price) ActionCOACH and I can help.


A lot of people assume that because their business isn’t in trouble, they don’t need a coach. In fact, coaching is not a black art that can turn a failed business into a global corporation. Coaching is about turning an OK or a good business into a great one – it is about reaching your full potential and becoming all that you can be. No successful sports person reaches their peak without a coach and business leaders are also becoming more aware of this need.


As your coach, my background in senior strategic & commercial leadership roles in large multinationals along with General Management of individual multimillion pound business units has given me a skill set which can help you develop your business to where you would like it to be. As your coach I will help you get clarity about what you want to achieve and work with you so that you can implement the actions you need to take to get there. A coach is the unreasonable friend who supports and challenges you in equal measure.


If you want to change the way you operate so that your business works for you rather than the other way around, please call or mail me now and we can talk through how you can start.


If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got. Why not check out the alternative?


P.S. If you are a business owner, the first step to getting your business going is to take the “Business Health Check.” Click here to get started.

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